Why enroll in private art lessons?

Are you interested in advancing your artistic skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, or some other medium of art? Perhaps you're afraid of getting lost in the crowd of a conventional classroom?

What will you learn?

I guide students toward mastery of skills in seeing, in technique and in creative thinking. I work with college students, adults, and children aged 12 and older to improve abilities their artistic skills. I also work with my students to teach them a professional level vocabulary to express their artistic ideas. Classes are available at my studio, and I can also come to the venue of your choice for private lessons.

Why choose me as your teacher?

I attended Pratt Institute and graduated with a M.S./B.F.A. in Art & Design Education and have experience working in public schools. Drawing and painting have always been something that I have done in addition to my printmaking and teaching. Additionally, I have been employed as a painting instructor by a national franchise company that provides art parties and events.

Trial Classes

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